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We provide both group and private walks. Group walks have up to six dogs and last an hour. The fee includes picking up, the walk, and dropping off.


Group walks are ideal for dogs in good health and who enjoy the company of other dogs, as they typically like to run around and chase each other playfully on the trail. 


Both group and private walks take advantage of the many beautiful locations the East Bay has to offer including: Sibley Regional Preserve, Redwood Regional Park, Tilden Regional Park, Leona Canyon and Leona Heights Park.


Off-leash group walk (one hour):
5 Days a week (cost per day):

1 Dog:  $35
2 Dogs: $65
3 Dogs: $85

2-4 Days per Week:

1 Dog: $35
2 Dogs: $70
3 Dogs: $90

1 Day per week/as needed:

1 Dog: $40
2 Dogs: $75
3 Dogs: $90


1 Dog: $35 for 30 minutes 
            $50 for 60 minutes

2 Dogs: $45 for 30 minutes
              $60 for 60 minutes
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